Today we will share another story on our blog. This week we had the chance to chat with Jelle Botman. Working as PHP Developer working for the company Dstny BV, located in Multiple countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Denmark). The head office is in Zaventem Belgium, cloud services like Cloud Communication, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Fixed and mobile internet, fixed and mobile telephony, and Private networks. They started using the Component Creator about 10 years back and since then, they have developed about 75 components. With the help of component creator, they saved a lot of time in building websites


Today we will share another story on our blog. This week we had the chance to chat with Ryan C. Minnig. One of the founders of the company 3C Telemetry, LLC, located in Colorado, United States, that mostly offers different services of IT. They started using the Component Creator about two and half a year and since then, they have developed about 6 components. Component Creator has helped them to ease of use and the ability to very quickly prototype an idea and packaging and installer framework.

FEATURED USER: Cloudhoreca

Today we will share another story on our blog. This week we had the chance to chat with Cloudhoreca, a company located in Budapest, Hungary, that mostly offers different services of IT. They started using the Component Creator about a year and a half ago and since then, they have developed about 7 components. By using Component Creator it has helped them to save a lot of time and make the projects easier and more understandable for the clients.

Component Creator Event Triggers - Proposed Solution

This document is a white paper detailing the proposed implementation of a new “Triggers” solution in Component creator. It aims to address the fact that many developers need to add custom functionality to their components and when they do, they either lose the ability to update the component with changes made in Component Creator, or they will need to keep track of their custom changes and re-apply them after updating Component Creator.

You can contribute to the discussion about this issue on GitHub.

Component Creator now supports the new Joomla routing system

In Joomla 3.8 a new routing system was added and now you can now use it for the components you build with Component Creator. 

The new routing system defines a new and more flexible interface for developers to handle creating and processing URLs and gives end-users more options as it relates to how URLs are displayed (including the often requested ability to remove content item IDs from the URL).

Featured User: René Kreijveld

In this edition of the Featured User Interviews we spoke with another Component Creator-user from the Netherlands! René Kreijveld who got involved in Joomla when it was still called Mambo in 2003 and as you can imagine, has a ton of experience. René has developed over 72 components and saved hundreds and hundreds of hours using Component Creator!

Featured User: Erik van Doorne

This week we had a fascinating interview with Erik, owner of Masters of Media. Originally Masters of Media was a music Mastering and Recording Studio, but Erik launched himself into the world of programming in a self-taught way and changed his business to a web development company. Erik is a user we are in touch with on a regular base and gave us several insights on how we can further improve Component Creator. Erik even uses Component Creator to teach groups of students the basics of programming and learn them about database structure and gives lectures about Component Creator on Joomla conferences.


Featured User: Hakan Arabacioglu

This month we had a very pleasant interview with Hakan Arabacioglu, who really took his time to answer all our questions. The interview with Hakan shows the diversity of our users, not all of them are fulltime developers! Hakan has been working as a Life Coach for the past 12 years and runs his own company Zest Coaching and helps out friends by building components for them. Working with Component Creator did not only speed up development in Joomla for Hakan it's also brings in a lot of fun.

6 tips when working from home

6 tips when working from home.
Did you or your company decide it's better to work from home during these uncertain weeks? Check out these tips from our employees when working from home!

Featured User: Thorsten Waldorf

Let's bring some old habits back alive! In the past, we used to publish an interview with one of Component Creator's users each month in which we sit down and talk to one of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we talked with Thorsten Waldorf, Co-founder and developer at Unliminet GmbH based in Mittelstetten, Germany.

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